Monday, February 10, 2014

Emarosa - S/T & Relativity 2LP Hot Topic Edition

Did you miss out on the Emarosa 2LP set when they released 2 weeks ago?
You might of because it sold out very fast, but now you have a second chance at them!
This blue / white bundle however is just as limited with only 750 copies up for grabs.  Don't get stuck paying eBay prices get yours HERE (the site only says Relativity and shows a stock photo, but it is indeed both albums.)


  1. I've been checking about every hour since this was posted and still nothing

  2. 1:27am 2/11. only relativity is being released for 24.50$. no sign of the s/t

    1. On Hot Topic's page for some reason they used a stock photo/listing of just relativity, but as you can see on this post it is actually both records, I would assume it will be fixed some time today.